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TLWA Fall Newsletter,

Our Lakes – Our Responsibility: Fall 2023 (Click Here)



Jon Willman and Bob Borek took the new TLWA DASH boat on its maiden voyage!.The pontoon boat was donated by Watercraft Sales and a motor was  donated by a neighbor.

This boat after being converted by Jon Willman and his assistants into a DASH boat will be used to vacuum up Eurasian Water Milfoil with the assistance of a diver.from the bottom Virgin Lake.   


Virgin Lake 2023

 Clark Aquatic Services was on the water by 5:15 am 6/16/23. 

They sprayed the chemical near the island,

and then did the underwater application for the rest of the 11.7 acres.  They were done by about 7am

To Read Permit Application Packageand Download Please (Click Here)

TLWA Spring Newsletter

Our Lakes-Our Responsibility: Spring 2023 (Click Here)

Three Lakes Chain 2022 AIS Report by Onterra

To read the 2022 Report (Click Here)

Wakesurfing, That's a whole new story!

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Clean Boats/Clean Waters Program
Help Wanted: Boat Landing Inspector for 2023 Season

This position is very important to keep our lakes Clean and Healthy we need your help!
It is a great opportunity for a seasonal job.

For information (click Here)

Lake Tides newsletter - Vol. 48, No. 1

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Protect the lakes with these five

simple and inexpensive best practices

that improve habitat and water quality

on your shoreland property. (Click Here)


Building a Shoreland Action Plan

A collection of publications for people interested in learning

why shoreland systems are so important to water quality, wildlife habitat, and lake health.

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Programs to Protect Lake Health (Click Here)

Programs to Protect Lake Health (Click Here)

How Much Can a Lake Take? Usage Study (Click Here)

For New Waterfront Membership Information

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UW Study on Walleye Population

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Learn more about Purple Loosestrife (an Aquatic Invasive)

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