NEWS TLWA Member Plaques Produced For Our 50th Anniversary

As part of the TLWA 50th Anniversary, volunteers from the Three Lakes Waterfront Association (TLWA) have made 1000 cedar plaques that feature the new TLWA logo. These plaques will go to association members, and are mounted on the street-number/address posts at their Three Lakes homes. Each member of the TLWA will get one of these signs that were designed by board member Bruce Renquist. The plaque is a good way to show your pride of membership in an organization that works extensively to preserve and protect the quality of our waters, and has done so for the past 50 years!

The project took place at the Fab Lab at the Three Lakes High School. The TLWA is paid members of the school Engineering Club for help in making the plaques, and the club will use the funds for field trips.

Additional help for this project came from Kwaterski Brothers Wood Products in the form of a 50% discount on the cedar materials.


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Wells Are Indeed a Deep Subject

(A Private Well Class - Online)

A free online course that helps homeowners understand and care for their water supply wells is now available.  Because our home water supply systems tend to be taken for granted (until there is a serious problem) we wanted to bring this to our members attention as this course (10 online "lessons", easily downloaded) will provide much useful information.

Developed by the University of Illinois and the Rural Community Assistance Partnership, the "lessons" cover:  Science of Groundwater; Groundwater and Well Contamination; Well Construction and Types; Your Water Well System; Maintenance, Operation and Best Practices; Emergency Situations, Failures and Problem Solving; Getting Help, Finding Local Answers; Groundwater Quality and Source Water Protection; Sampling and Interpreting Results; and, Water Treatment Solutions.

The "lessons" are sent to you once a week by email for 10 weeks.  The program also offers three Webinars to support/reinforce your learning.

You can sign up for your free class at:

TIP:  When lessons 2-10 arrive, click where it says:  "If you are having trouble viewing this email, click here to read it on the web."  Doing so will allow you to see and print figures and photographs that correspond to the text.

Thank You, Paul Matthiae



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