Welcome back to another season of shoreline monitoring. I am grateful for your willingness to spend a few of your valuable hours to help in the continuing effort to keep our lake free of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS).

The summer of 2020 proved, despite the ongoing pandemic, to be another banner year in terms of the number of volunteer hours reported. The partnership with the Three Lakes Winery was successful and we encourage you to continue bagging any suspect plant you find and turn it into the winery. They will promptly follow up on the established protocol for getting a professional evaluation and identification of the sample. Remember, early detection is the key.

Keep your eyes peeled, be safe on the water and have a great summer.


Your Lake Captain

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Lake Captains:

Big Fork Lake
Kathy Olkowski

Big Lake
Steve Laszewski
920 562 0321

Big Stone Lake
Rob Jahnke

Crystal Lake
Mike Donovan

Deer Lake
Jay Teagle

Dog Lake
John Rothwell

Fourmile Lake
Bob Pfeffer

Island Lake
Doug Scheffen

Lake Julia
David Mitzner

Laurel Lake
Charles Brady

Laurel Lake
Mark Wallesverd

Little Fork Lake
Mary O'Hara

Long Lake
Gary White

Maple Lake
Ron Bennett

Medicine Lake
Bruce Renquist

Moccassin Lake
Ryan Lamon

Planting Ground Lake
Norris Ross

Range Line Lake
John Folaron

Round Lake
Gwen Hutchins

Spirit Lake
John Lake

Paul Matthiae

Townline Lake
Lou Bruckmoser

Virgin Lake
Bob Borek

Whitefish Lake
David Wheeler




Adopt-Your-Shoreline Volunteer Report


This is the wrap up call for reporting your 2019 monitoring hours. If you are still on the water, you can keep at it for a bit more. As you know EWM is easier to identify this time of the year as it continues to thrive after our native plants die back in the fall.

Keep at it...but don't forget to turn in your End of the Season Report Form when you finish for the year. Drop your forms off at the winery or hand them to your Lake Captain. If you have left Three Lakes you can mail them to:

The Three Lakes Waterfront Association
P. O. Box 145
Three Lakes, WI 54562

Remember each volunteer fills out and signs a form even if you work together as a team. The volunteer operating the boat should record boat hours and monitoring hours, typically one boat hour per hour of monitoring.

It's been a great season and we will look forward to working with you again in 2020.

Thank you for your time on the water.

Here is a link to download the End of Season Report: (Click Here)







Three Lakes Waterfront Association PO Box 145 Three Lakes WI 54562


Three Lakes Waterfront Association

PO Box 145

Three Lakes Wi 54562

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