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Save the Date: May 24, 2018 5:00pm to 7:00pm Workshop at Cy Williams Park

The fact that we have no new invasive species showing up in our waters this year is a testament to the volunteers and paid interns in the Clean Boats/Clean Waters program.  Our volunteers put in more than 400 hours monitoring our boat landings.  They inspected boats and trailers coming in and out of the water, and informed boaters about the problem of aquatic invasive species.  In addition to the volunteer hours, the paid interns put in nearly 1400 hours of monitoring.  The Clean Boats/Clean Waters program was mainly dedicated to the busy landings on Townline, Big Stone (Sunset Grill), Big Lake, Laurel Lake, County X, and the Burnt Rollways dam.

It is time for me to recognize several long-time volunteers.  They have shown real dedication to the program.  John Ibach, Bob Borek and Bruce Renquist have spent many hours at the landing at Sunset Grill.  Marty Turner and Dave and Lois Hesse are there for help at the Burnt Rollways dam anytime I give them a call and ask for help.  John Snell isn’t here throughout the summer, but when he is he always gives me a call and says he is available for some work.  And finally there is Tom Flanders.  He has watched the landing next to his place on Four Mile Creek for years and years.   I’m always amazed at the amount of time he puts in when I see his year-end reports. 

Many thanks to you all for your tremendous dedication to this important program.

Visit the University of Wisconsin UW-Extension Lakes site for more Clean Boats, Clean Waters information (Click Here)

Updated 07/5/2017

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